Stay the F@!# Home With… Rene Jacques and Cam Villa

Are you staying the fuck home? Why not?! Rene Jacques and Cam Villa are staying the fuck home.

Rene Jacques and Cam Villa are the founders of are the founders of Golden Bay Mortgage Group. Both Cam and Rene have worked in the mortgage industry since the early 2000s. I invited them to be guests on the podcast because of their knowledge and experience in the mortgage industry. Because of the uncertainty many of us are experiencing around income, I thought they would be a great resource for anyone that has questions about their mortgage or if they’re thinking of buying a home.

In addition to being business owners, both are involved in the community of Sacramento. Cam and I both live in the Colonial Heights neighborhood and became friends after meeting at a community event he started, the Colonial Heights Kickball League. Cam created the league to bring our neighborhood together, which was wildly successful for the community. Thanks for listening!

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