Stay the F@!# Home With… Debbie Chang and Tanya Azar

Are you staying the fuck home? Why not?! Debbie Chang and Tanya Azar are staying the fuck home.

Debbie and Tanya are the co-owners of Kasbah Lounge, on J St. between 21st and 22nd St. The duo took ownership of the restaurant in 2016 after working in the restaurant for several years. Debbie Chang and Tanya Azar pride themselves on offering a culturally diverse restaurant that is welcoming to all. They offer delicious food options with “classic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors” and a wide array of unique and delicious drink options on their menu.

While the duo have opted to remained closed during the shelter-in-place order for the safety of the public and their staff, the restaurant has gift cards available for purchase. Please consider purchasing one clicking here. You’ll be happy you did when they re-open Kasbah Lounge.

One last thing. This will likely be the last episode Stay the F@!# Home With… I’ve been lucky enough to pick up some small work here and there over the next few weeks (I’m a freelance podcast producer) and because of that, I won’t be able to continue this series. Thank you for your time and for listening!

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