Stay the F@!# Home With… Danielle Mandella

Are you staying the fuck home? Why not?! Danielle Mandella is staying the fuck home.

Danielle Mandella is a comedian living with Cystic Fibrosis. Mandella routinely posts thoughtful and insightful insights about living her life with CF. Additionally, she was the recipient of a double lung over 15 years ago. Danielle was an early fan of the STAB podcast. She quickly found her way into contributing to the podcast as a guest. Several years later, when the STAB Comedy Theater opened, she helped with running the club. She eventually stepped down to take better care of her health.

I asked to Danielle to be the final guest of the Stay the Fuck Home With… series because I want people to hear from someone who has a compromised immune system. She recommends going to the UCSF Health website to learn more about who is at greater risk of COVID-19 by clicking here.

STAB Comedy Theater is also live-streaming a variety of performance, which you can see by clicking here.

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