Stay the F@!# Home With… Danny Reynoso

Hi. The podcast ended in October of 2019. I had every intention of that being the end of it. However, everything changed with the shelter-in-place rule. So many in our community are now struggling to find their footing in our new reality. So why am I bringing the podcast back? I’ve been asked in person and online if the show would return during this difficult time. I was hesitant to do that, largely because I wasn’t sure what the podcast could offer during this time. The podcast was always so… idiosyncratic and loose. Do we need that now? But then I thought, this podcast can serve as a way for us to check in on our community leaders, business owners, freelancers, comics, and others to get words of encouragement and see how we can all help each other. Of course, it will still be idiosyncratic and loose. So, please join me as I checking in with Sacramento during this strange time in our city.

For this episode I wanted to chat with someone working in the field of education. With that in mind, I decided to check in with Danny Reynoso. In addition to being an educator, Danny Reynoso is a punk rock musician and performer. He is in The Moans and was in the The Secretions. Thanks for listening!

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