Episode 199 – Searching for Hope: Homelessness

Episode 199 focuses on the documentary Searching for Hope: Homelessness. The documentary will debut Monday, November 25 at 7 P.M. on KVIE. In this episode, Johnny chats with Director of Photography for KVIE, Martin Christian. Joining Christian is Dion Dwyer, Public Space Services Director for Downtown Sacramento Partnership. Searching for Hope: Homelessness “investigates this growing humanitarian crisis while discovering programs making a difference.”

The trio talk about how much (or little) influence the ever changing political landscape of homelessness influenced the film’s structure; why Producer Joyce Mitchell chose to focus on Sacramento instead of the rest of California; and which individual worked to get the documentary into production. During the episode we learn what Navigators do. Additionally, we find out how they helped the production team earn the trust of the people they filmed. Further more, Dion shares some shocking statistics connected to people dealing with homelessness in the Sacramento area. The episodes continues with how people who worked and saved their entire lives may end up suffering from homelessness once they retire. And, finally, the story in the documentary that most touched Martin.

Searching for Hope: Homelessness, KVIE, Sacramento, Serious Talk
All photos taken from “Searching for Hope: Homelessness”, courtesy of Martin Christian.

Thank you for listening, Listeners, to my conversation with Martin Christian and Dion Dwyer. Be sure to watch Searching for Hope: Homelessness when it airs on KVIE on Monday, November 25, 2019.

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