Episode 198: Belen Flores

Belen Flores (best last name ever!) is the guest for Episode 198. Belen Flores was recently named the Executive Director of California Center for Civic Participation. The organization is also known as Cal Center. Cal Center’s mission statement is, “To empower youth to be active and valued participants in decision making processes at all levels”.

Belen and Johnny chat about how easy it would be to assassinate him by way of sweets; Belen’s journey from Executive Assistant to Executive Director; why the founder of Cal Center chose to groom her to take over when he retired; bringing down the patriarchy for the benefit society; why local and state elections have more power than elections at the federal level; why she strives to empower youth to make decisions on clear facts; similarly, why Cal Center presents young people with conflicting opinions; the similar histories Belen and Johnny have (not just sharing last names); and why you drive a Ford Focus when you live in La Jolla, CA.

Belen Flores, Serious Talk Seriously

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