Episode 196: Gabriell and Ben Garcia

Gabriell and Ben Garcia, the owners of Blue Lamp and Cafe Colonial, are the guests for Episode 196. Gabriell previously managed the Lamplight while Ben was a musician in bands. They were in the process of selling all of their belongings when they purchased the Blue Lamp in 2013 (taking over on Halloween of that year) and Cafe Colonial several years later. In addition to the Cafe Colonial, they’re also overseeing The Colony, an all-ages music venue next door to Cafe Colonial.

Gabriell and Ben chat with Johnny about what punks accept and don’t accept inside their venues; why Gabriell and Ben try to create safe and inclusive environments at their venue; falling in love while in close proximity to the Champagne Room; why Ben doesn’t give advice to young bands; the reasons a band breaking up can be a good thing; why Cafe Colonial is more of a family business than the Blue Lamp; why Johnny and the Official Girlfriend of the Podcast are the worst people to have over for a meal; and the similar people served by bartenders and hairstylists.

Blue Lamp Gabriell and Ben Garcia

Thank you for listening, Listeners, to my conversation with Gabriell and Ben Garcia. Be sure to follow Blue Lamp on Facebook and Twitter along with the Blue Lamp website to see the venue’s calendar. Click here to check out Cafe Colonial on Facebook.

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“Serious Talk Theme Song” by Leah and Nicole
“Hungaria” by Latché Swing
“Serious Talk Theme Song (Quick Version)” by Leah and Nicole

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