Episode 195: Julie Cassotta

Julie Cassotta, the creator of Cellar Door Platters, is the guest for Episode 195. Cassotta stopped by to chat about her journey from repairing guitars in her family’s business to becoming a cheese-virtuoso. Heads up: we talk about cheese a lot. I mean, a lot.

Join Julie and Johnny in this episode of the podcast as they chat about the glory of grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas; sustaining yourself on wine and cheese; why she felt compelled to get a job at Block Butcher Bar; how a bad Super Mario Bros. impression lead to discovering the origin of the word “Broccoli”; expanding her knowledge by working in the Specialty Department of Whole Foods in Davis; the disappointment in learning that jobs with perceived relaxed environments are rarely that; the goal to make Cellar Door Platters as green as possible, such as using platters and serving plates from yard sales and thrift stores; and where Julie keeps her personal cheese so that she doesn’t delve into work cheese.

Julie Cassotta Cellar Door Platters

Thank you for listening, Listeners, to my conversation with Julie Cassotta. Be sure to follow Julie’s business, Cellar Door Platters, on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to check out her website for Cellar Door Platters by clicking here.

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