Episode 193: Damien Verrett

Episode 193 is here with Damien Verrett of So Much Light. The band is Verrett’s solo music project. In addition to the band, he co-hosts the podcast Bedtime Boys.

In this episode of the show Damien and Johnny chat about why cats are assholes; the horrible acts perpetrated by James Bond; the easy and hard ways to learn you aged out of a hobby; the lack of commentary YouTubers make in their videos; the odds of being discovered on the Universal Tram Tour; the strange ways people assess safety in neighbors they don’t live in; how we as Americans could help ourselves be better people; why we need the Myspace of era discovering bands, like Fleet Foxes, needs to come back; the difficulties of making it as an artist or musician in Sacramento; and the duality of a creative economy in Sacramento without creatives.

Damien Verrett, Serious Talk, Sacramento

Thank you for listening, Listeners, to my conversation with Damien Verrett. Be sure to follow Verrett’s band, So Much Light, on Soundcloud and Instagram.

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