Episode 192: Emma Haney

Emma Haney is here for Episode 192! Emma is a stand-up comic based in Sacramento. Haney started writing comedy as a teenager before beginning her career at open mics in her early 20s.

In this episode of the show Emma and Johnny chat about how Costco isn’t for you unless you’re getting Udon bowls; the “Fish-Butt Hour”; the long history of a jerk-ass cat of named Chester; the Tortoise Conundrum; why Shire humor goes right over Johnny’s head; why mining gold in a living room is so uncomfortable; how Haney became the Wolf of Wall Street in the World of Warcraft; in addition, she also put in over year’s worth time on the game; why console players and PC players will never be romantically compatible; our mutual love for Justine Lopez; why the comedy scene in Sacramento needs more appreciation; why Disney needs to step their Ranch game up; in addition to that, why you don’t cross the Ranch Line; and why Haney doubts the reality of the tens of thousands of followers she has on Twitter.

Emma Haney, Serious Talk.

Thank you for listening, Listeners, to my conversation with Emma Haney. Be sure to follow Haney on Instagram and her YouTube channel.

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