Episode 191: Melissa McGillicuddy

Episode 191 is here with Melissa McGillicuddy. McGillicuddy is a stand-up comic who left a career in auditing to pursue a calling for comedy. She recently became Stand-up Program Director at Sacramento Comedy Spot. In addition, Melissa co-produces the Moving Van Show and Sacramento FemmeFest, the city’s first all-female comedy festival.

In this episode of the show Melissa McGillicuddy chats about her journey from auditor to comic; how one day, “all the shit we’ve been through” would be a motivator later in life; how one becomes comfortable failing in front of a group of people; the problems comics deal with that other professions don’t have to deal with; why pursuing a career in comedy felt like a second coming out; getting over the lizard part of our brains; and why a life in comedy is what she’s meant to be doing.

Melissa McGillicuddy, Serious Talk

Thank you for listening, Listeners, to my conversation with Melissa McGillicuddy. Be sure to follow Melissa on Instagram and follow her calendar for upcoming shows.

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