Episode 190: Betsaida LeBron

Betsaida LeBron sat down with Johnny at the Sacramento Podcast Festival to record Episode 190 inside the STAB! Comedy Theater. Betsaida LeBron is both an improvisation teacher and performer.

In this episode of the show Johnny chats with Betsaida about James T Kirk’s dad’s love life on his ship; how diarrhea can get you out of any situation; the comparisons between 45 and Michael Scott; how she went from Fire and Brimstone to comedy; Chin Man; why commemorative coins are so skeevy; if Jesus could turn wine back into water; using a dumb haircut and big glasses to protest your religious upbringing; and all of the ways comedy helped her transition from her religious upbringing to a secular life.

Betsaida LeBron, Serious Talk Seriously Podcast

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