Episode 189: Justine Lopez

Justine Lopez is the guest for Episode 189. Lopez is a performer and instructor at Sacramento Comedy Spot. In addition to that, she’s part of Sacramento Comedy Spot’s flagship show Anti-Cooperation League. Justine kicks off the annual month of chatting with comics that Johnny does every year on the podcast.

Johnny chats with Justine Lopez about caring more about getting laughs than getting good grades; the truth about Pop Tarts that no one wants to hear; the bunk-ass version of frozen yogurt that never made it to market; how to get away with performing improvisation in parking lots; whatever became of Home Improv-ment; why society shames maggots getting their PhDs; Roseville Vs. Rosevail; the lessons Lopez learned from teaching improv to adults and children; and why Justine prefers that you follow her on LinkedIn instead of Facebook or Instagram.

Justine Lopez of the Comedy Spot

Thank you for listening, Listeners, to my conversation with Justine Lopez. Be sure to follow the team on Instagram (even though she prefers that you follow her LinkedIn profile) or catch her performing as part of Anti-Cooperation League or Lady Business.

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