Episode 185: Becky Grunewald

Episode 185 is here with Becky Grunewald (recorded inside Urban Roots Brewing). Grunewald has written about food and culture for fifteen years. For the past decaded, she has written for Sacramento News and Review, Midtown Monthly, Edible Sacramento and the Sacramento Bee. In addition to writing about food, she created the blog Heckasac.

In this episode of the show Johnny chats with Becky Grunewald about the ways California contradicts itself when it comes to being progressive; Becky’s roommate from her early days of writing; the experiences of working with “The Rebecca” and Becky; the mass exodus of journalists taking jobs with state agencies and U.C. Davis, why Grunewald decided to step down from writing food reviews for Sacramento News and Review; why food critics have so little anonymity in our modern age; the glory days of Midtown Monthly; if Instagram is the future of restaurant and food reviews; the glory days of Midtown Monthly; and the impact the Sac Bee still has, in spite of its readership having greatly diminished.

Becky Grunewald, Sacramento

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