Episode 184: Kenna Cook

Today’s guest for Episode 184 is Kenna Cook. Cook is, as described on her website, ” a pansexual, polyamorous sex educator”. Cook is a sex educator to middle and high school students in the Northern California area. She is a Family Planning Health Worker at sexual health and wellness clinics that are teen-centered. Additionally, she founded the Pansexual Pancake Breakfast Group at the LGBT Community Center in Sacramento.

In this episode of the show Johnny chats with Kenna Cook about her column in Voices: River City; the awkward sex talks we got growing up; the work she has done with CREGS and the safe community provides for gay men; why the three of them have accepted animal hair in their food; why loneliness is more detrimental to your health than heart disease or smoking; the shock of finding out who really owns Google, why children need an adult they can talk to in an open and honest way; and just why Millennials get such a bad wrap (when they should not).

Kenna Cook, Pansexual, Sex Educator

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