Episode 182: Raul Gonzo

Raul Gonzo stopped by for Episode 182. A Conceptual Fashion Photographer and Music Video Director, Gonzo directed videos for Tayla Parx, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, Vicky-T, and many others. In the past few years, he began to develop an interest in fashion photography, which blossomed into a passion.

In this episode of the show Johnny chats with Raul Gonzo about taking to photography as a child after Gonzo’s dad gave him a camera; why he jumped from photography to film making; how the Red One leveled the field for people making films; about the process for pitching and directing music videos for bands; why he has stayed in Sacramento instead of moving to Los Angeles (and how that didn’t hinder his career); how staying connected to the music scene lead to having more freedom and creative control over the videos he directed; and how a book of photography opened his eyes and heart for fashion photography.

Raul Gonzo

Thank you for listening, Listeners, to my conversation with Raul Gonzo. Be sure to follow Gonzo on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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