Episode 181: Topograf

For Episode 181 the guests are Alyssa and Kevin Stefenesceu, the wife and husband duo behind Topograf. The band recently released a new singled called Futures.

The band started after Alyssa encouraged Kevin to start his own music project after he had played in a number of bands. Similarly, Kevin encouraged Alyssa, who was a photography and had experience in music, to join the project and become a duo.

Johnny chats with Alyssa and Kevin about the origins of the band’s name (it’s not a combination of Topher Grace and graph paper, like Johnny thought); the decision to leave “cushy” jobs to pursue artistic endeavors; learning to play the drums as a kid using Playskool chairs filled with varying amounts of water; how to keep finding your creativity on a daily basis; how a band can’t just be a band in the modern era of music; the creative process Alyssa uses for creating images for Topograf; and how Alyssa and Kevin balance being a couple while also being bandmates.


Thank you for listening, Listeners, to my conversation with Alyssa and Kevin of Topograf. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Featured music
“Serious Talk Theme Song” by Leah and Nicole
“Hungaria” by Latché Swing
“Serious Talk Theme Song (Quick Version)” by Leah and Nicole

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