Episode 180: Janelle Hanchett

I chat with Janelle Hanchett in Episode 180. Hanchett has a popular blog called Renegade Mothering and wrote I’m Just Happy to Be Here, which recently came out in paperback. On her blog and her novel, Janelle is hilariously candid about her late-stage addiction, how she worked through recovery, and eventually got her family back.

In this episode of the show I chat with Janelle Hanchett about the journal she received as as child after being baptized in the Mormon church; her connection to Thrasher Magazine; the ebb and flow of creativity; how her outcome was drastically different that most other women who have drug or alcohol addictions, especially compared to women of color; the time a police officer escorted her to safety while she was buying cocaine; being educated about the term “A.W.W”; how your parents wouldn’t let you behave like Trump but fully support his behavior; and flack she got for letting it be known that she’s not a fan of the Beatles.

Janelle Hanchett

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