Episode 176: Rare Bird Stereos

Episode 176 kicks off season 6 of the show with with Kaden Hill, the creative mind behind Rare Bird Stereos. Hill takes used items, from the expected, like old speakers, to the unexpected, like canteens and tool boxes, and gives them new life as stereos. When Kaden isn’t busy building stereos, you can find him out thrifting to build the next one.

In this episode of the show I chat with Kaden about the many reasons you put Voltron skits and farts on your comedy album; why the creative process involves so much problem solving; how attending school to become an electrician gave Hill the confidence to start Rare Bird Stereos after waiting nearly a year to start; why kids needs classes like wood shop to discover jobs that don’t require a college degree; the reasons people should “buy well”; avoiding Ikea at all costs for the rest of your life; why Hill says, “Everything you need has been made”.

Kaden Hill of Rare Bird Stereos

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