Episode 178: Art of Beer 2019

Episode 178 was recorded at Art of Beer 2019! I’m chatting with Daniel Barnes of the Dare Daniel podcast and Ben Rice of the Barley and Me podcast. Both Daniel (Episode 28 and 36) and Ben (Episodes 61, 99, 161, and 141) have previously been on the show .

In the first part of this episode I chat with Daniel Barnes about why messes up receipts; why he is happy when dared to watch bad movies; and why some movies that bombed, like They All Laughed and One from the Heart, deserve a second look.

In the second part of the episode I chat with Ben Rice about why comics need to work on their posture; how lucky parents and kids are these days to no longer need encyclopedias; the reason encyclopedias are no longer relevant: no “recommends” at the bottom of the page; and the third year in a row where a Sacramento comedian won the StandUp NBC Comedy Competition.

Thank you for listening, Listeners, and thank you for sharing, Sharers, to my conversation at the Art of Beer 2019 with Daniel Barnes and Ben Rice. Be sure to follow Dare Daniel on Twitter by clicking here and Barley and Me on Twitter by clicking here.

Sac Pod Fest

I’ll be recording a live episode on June 1 at 5 PM at Sac Pod Fest.

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“Serious Talk Theme Song” by Leah and Nicole
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