Episode 172: POOR Majesty

POOR Majesty, an emcee and community leader, stopped by for Episode 172. He started rapping as a kid after a cousin from Oakland moved near him.

In this episode of the show I chat with POOR Majesty about ruining the word “lit“; Leon Bridges singing about your love leaving by train instead of by Lyft; the reasons collaborating is so important for creativity; the beauty of full-assing it instead of half-assing it; the theoretical day skateboard manufacturers will bring back the fishtail; how to get away with cussing on public radio; the dream of a famous rapper picking him from school in a limo that came true (Hint: I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller); and the horror (and joy?!) of booing a child at the Apollo.

POOR Majesty, photo credit: Cheyenne Viola

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Featured music

“Hungaria” by Latché Swing
“The Silent Orchestra” by Hamilton Leithauser

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