Episode 161 – The Anecdotalists: Ripe Bitch

I thought we would take a break from the interviews to listen to another episode of The Anecdotalists, which I am calling The Anecdotalists: Ripe Bitch. The premise of The Anecdotalists is I sit down with three comedians with a random topic, which for this episode happens to be the movie Dirty Dancing.

In this episode, I sat down with comedians Becky Lynn, Mike Cella, and Ben Rice to chat about Peter Sagal‘s involvement with Dirty Dancing 2; the best name ever for a dog (hint: it rhymes with Smuture Junks); the unfortunate business of a Pants Tent while watching Dirty Dancing; Mike’s habit of kissing with his eyes open inside the Tropicana; what surgical scare always reminds Mike of the State of Mississippi; why you do not talk to Becky’s sister outside of the Taco Bell in Childress, TX when you have a limited vocabulary; how much time needs to be pass before you can tattoo a date’s name on your body; why chocolate milk and hoagies make Wawa the place to be; why Trouble‘s Pop-o-matic doesn’t help with your wrist action for throwing dice like Bunco does; why Becky had to explain to Kirstie Alley the different types of cheeseburgers that McDonald’s serves; and why you don’t play mailbox T-ball.

The Anecdotalists: Ripe Bitch, photo courtesy of Christopher Hagel.

Thank you for listening, Listeners, and thank you for sharing, Sharers, to this episode this episode of the podcast. Be sure to follow Becky Lynn, Mike Cella, and Ben Rice on Twitter. Be sure to check out Ben’s beer-centric podcast Barley and Me

A giant THANK YOU to the B Street Theater for allowing us to record this episode at the theater’s old home and to Ben, Becky, and Mike for participating.

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