Episode 163: Kelley Nicole

Episode 163 is here with Kelley Nicole. Kelley is a stand-up comedian, a shaper of young minds, and is a roller derby player. Kelley Nicole is also kicking off my annual month of episodes dedicated to comedians.

In this episode of the show Kelley and I chat about Jewish wizards; how The Sandlot is an indicator of which generation you are part of; how your parents could allow you to see a man’s head be caved in by a hammer while watching Braveheart at 12 years old but not be allowed to watch The Care Bears; why Jesus does not mind what you do as long as it done to a song; work-arounds you can do to show God that you are going to church; why educators party more than comedians; the ways teaching children prepares you to be a stand-up comic; why stickers are worth more than gold for kids; and why Kelley Nicole is OK with some low-level creepiness as long it funds her petting her dog.

Note: I mention a movie I mistakenly called “N 2 Deep”. However, the movie I actually meant is called “Deep Cover”.

Kelley Nicole and her dog Corey

Thank you for listening, Listeners, and thank you for sharing, Sharers, to my conversation with Kelley Nicole.

Featured music

“Hungaria” by Latché Swing
“The Silent Orchestra” by Hamilton Leithauser

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