Episode 162: Raheem Hosseini

Episode 162 is here with Raheem Hosseini. Raheem is an associate editor and writer for Sacramento News and Review.

In this episode Raheem and I chat about the “Great Culling of Papers and Material and Weird Stains”, otherwise known as Desk Hoarding; the horror hearing people using baby talk with animals; the influence that Peter Parker had on a young a Raheem; the appeal of journalism’s lack of preciousness when it comes to writing; how sarcasm lead to his first break in journalism; the tough lessons learned at his first job as a journalist; our theories on why some people are just plain crappy human beings; the danger in the lack of “nutritional value” of cable news; and if America is stuck in some sort of horrible Groundhog Day.

This is not Raheem Hosseini. This is our cat, Chester.

Note: Normally the guest will send me a few photos to attach to the episode. I did not receive any photos at the time the episode went up, so I attached some photos of my dogs and cat.

Thank you for listening, Listeners, and thank you for sharing, Sharers, to my conversation with Raheem Hosseini. Be sure to follow Raheem on Twitter and check out his articles by clicking here.

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“Hungaria” by Latché Swing
“The Silent Orchestra” by Hamilton Leithauser

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