Episode 158: Cemetery Sun

Cemetery Sun band members Josh and Jesse (the “lead” bass player) stopped by for episode 158. Cemetery Sun first started playing together in 2013. Per the band’s website, “They began to perform regionally and build a buzz in Northern California. Instead of touring exhaustingly, as most burgeoning acts do, they hit the studio—hard. With Elliot serving as an “in-house” producer, the guys penned nearly forty songs, honing their chops in the process.” Cemeter Sun consists of Josh Doty (singer), Austen Butler (drummer), Elliot Polokoff (guitarist), Jesse Mancillas (lead guitar), and Matt Scarpelli (bassist).

In this episode, Josh and Jesse of Cemetery Sun discuss how they keep songs fresh when performing live; the Catch-22 of touring to get radio play but needing radio play to get a tour; the different bands that brought Cemetery Sun together (inside of a grocery store for their very first meeting); the undeniable catchiness of MMMBop; why accents allow people to be jerks; the horror of getting your Third Eye Blind and Linkin Park CDs snapped on your way to Disneyland; what the hell kind of music “Djent” is; and why bands of the future will be decorating their stage like the Red Room fight from The Last Jedi.

Cemetery Sun

Thank you for listening, Listeners, and thank you for sharing, Sharers, to my conversation with Cemetery Sun band members Josh Doty and Jesse Mancillas. Be sure to follow Cemetery Sun on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the band’s website. As of this posting, the band is on tour. Go check out the tour page by clicking here.

Featured music

“Hungaria” by Latché Swing
“The Silent Orchestra” by Hamilton Leithauser

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