Episode 154: Lilia Luciano

Episode 154 is here with Lilia Luciano. Luciano works for local ABC10 as an investigative report and is an Investigative Journalist Edward R. Murrow Award Recipient.

Lilia Luciano and I chat about misunderstanding the saying “eating shit”; our stories about Fabio showing up when you least expect it; the dawning realization that one of us is a hardcore Selena fan; why the two of us are terrible when it comes to purchasing gifts for children; her HBO documentary Guerras Ajenas/Wars of Others about the United States’ War on Drugs and its effects on the people of Colombia; why Luciano’s world was turned upside down when Menudo went dark with Sons of Rock; why she made the documentary Puerto Rica Rises and why she was the right person to tell that story; the dangerous time that journalism is going through in our country; how a career error was key to her growing as a journalist; and “looking for hobbies, not hubbies”.

Lilia Luciano

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