STS returns in June

I’m putting the show on hiatus until June. That will be the month the show starts its fourth year. At this point, I’m working on some other projects that connect with my heart more than Serious Talk. Seriously. does at the moment. The main one, Graphic Novel Explorer’s Club podcast, will be launching very soon. I’m making the podcast with two of my friends, Frances Preziosi and Dennis Supachana. It’s a reading club centered graphic novels and comic books. It’s been a lot of fun to record and I hope you’ll check it out.

I’m working on getting The Anectodists going, too. Having listened to the episode I posted (Episode 136) in December 2016, I forgot how much fun that was and I want to bring it back. I think the show would work in front of an audience, so I’m working on finding a venue to record it at.

In addition to the other two shows, I’m recording and producing a new podcast for Comstock’s Magazine called Action Items. The show will be hosted by Tre Borden with two guests discussing pertinent topics related to Sacramento and the surrounding area. It’s been a long time coming and happy to say it should be available very soon.

The show will return in June, I promise. I have a little over a dozen episodes that haven’t been posted yet and I want to give the folks I recorded a chance to be heard. I’m hoping that by then I’ll have missed doing STS enough to want to get back at it. If not, I’ll post those episodes no matter what.

Thank you for your understanding and I’ll see you in June. These two will keep you company until then.

Franny and Ellie
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