Episode 130: Janna Marlies

Janna Marlies, the publisher and editor of Under the Gum Tree, stopped by to chat for Episode 130.

Janna and I chat about being an alliterative couple; the complicated plots while playing GI Joe; what led to her creating the literary magazine “Under the Gum Tree”; finding out that the strict religious upbringing you experienced is nothing compared to other parts of the country; the debate over “Creative Nonfiction”; and treating your work, and the work of others, with respect.

Janna Marlies, editor and publisher of "Under the Gum Tree".
Janna Marlies, editor and publisher of “Under the Gum Tree”.

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Featured music

“Tonight Will Be Fine” by The Walkmen (cover of Leonard Cohen’s song)
“The Silent Orchestra” by Hamilton Leithauser
“Sisters of Mercy” by Leonard Cohen


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