Episode 118: Shitty Food Blog

Shitty Food Blog creator Brandon Morgan stopped by for Episode 118.

Brandon and I chat about houses (sorry); my hatred of Bed, Bath, & Beyond; what compelled him to start the Shitty Food Blog and the “food” that got it all started; the public’s concern for his health; the food chain that has the biggest assholes as customers; and the food item he ate for Shitty Food Blog that was actually good.

Brandon Morgan of Shitty Food Blog.
Brandon Morgan of Shitty Food Blog.

Thank you for listening, Listeners, and thank you for sharing, Sharers, to my conversation with Brandon Morgan, creator of the Shitty Food Blog. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Episode 118 is sponsored by the Fantasy Food Truck Showdown. Click here to see the dates and trucks that are participating.

Featured music

“Hungaria” by Latché Swing
“The Silent Orchestra” by Hamilton Leithauser


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