Episode 111: Gully Blanchard Podcast

The gang from the Gully Blanchard Podcast, Ryan, Marcus, Mark, stopped by for Episode 111.

The Gully Blanchard Podcast trio and I chat about “grapes”; the two inspirations for the name of the podcast: gully and Tully; what Ryan has in common with Darius Rucker; why they got into collecting shoes; if Michael Jordan realizes he has a Hitler mustache; Doo Doo Donald; and how we found out that wrestling is not real.

Gully Blanchard Podcast
Gully Blanchard Podcast

Thank you for listening, Listeners, and thank you for sharing, Sharers, to my conversation with the guys from Gully Blanchard Podcast!

Episode 111 is sponsored by Brew For A Cure, taking place inside of William Land Park on Saturday, June 11.

Joe Kye is performing June 10 at Beatnik Studios!

Featured music

“Hungaria” by Latché Swing
“The Silent Orchestra” by Hamilton Leithauser


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