Episode 105: William Burg

William Burg is my guest for Episode 105. In addition to being a historical author of many books about Sacramento, he is president of Preservation Sacramento and is a board member of Sacramento Heritage Inc., Capital City Preservation Trust, and Sacramento Historical Society.

William Burg? I don't know. He sent this over with no description.
William Burg? I don’t know. He sent this over with no description.

William and I chat about the gentrification of Sacramento (which is not a new problem); how cute punk rock girls on bikes who’d date a guy who didn’t own a car drew him to the city; letting your Freak Flag fly to find the Secret Society; Dread; getting band shirts at International Imports; and the difficulty of the history of Sacramento.

Thank you for listening, Listeners, and for sharing, Sharers, to my conversation with William Burg! Be sure to check out some his books by clicking here and follow him on Twitter.

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