Episode 103: Ms. Munchie

Ms. Munchie, known in real life as Catherine Enfield, is my guest for Episode 103. She is a food blogger and founder of the Sacramento Food Film Festival.

Ms. Munchie, aka Catherine, was born in Montreal to a Filipino mother and A British father, grew up in Saudi Arabia, went to boarding school in Virginia, attended college in Portland, OR, and moved to Sacramento in 1987. We chat about Mexico City vs. Disneyland; blogging since the ye early days of blogging; landing a job through her blog; my love of Dave Pops; what compelled her to start her blog Munchie Musings; her novel idea for an affordable Farm 2 Fork bridge dinner; and starting the Sacramento Food Film Festival.

Catherine Enfield, aka Ms. Munchie

I apologize for this episode going out late. My girlfriend and I moved into our new house last week. We’re still unpacking and with everything in disarray at the moment, I wasn’t able to get the episode out until today.

The Sacramento Food Film Festival runs from April 7 through April 16.

Thank you for listening, Listeners, and for sharing, Sharers, to my conversation with Ms. Munchie!

This episode is sponsored by the Sacramento Indie Arcade Gaming Expo, taking place on April 9!

Episode 96 is sponsored by Beers In Sac. “We find the beers, so you don’t have to.”

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