Episode 91: Ginger Elizabeth Hahn

Ginger Elizabeth Hahn is my guest for Episode 91. She is the owner and founder of the world-famous Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates.

Ginger and I chat about her history with chocolate; her power to convert men into chocolate lovers; the satisfaction of people loosing theirselves in her store; how she went from a bowl to a business; choosing employees from local culinary schools; and why she thinks culinary schools with strict discipline rules are needed and why they’re fading away.

And, yes, I was eating chocolate while typing this up.

Ginger Elizabeth Hahn
Ginger Elizabeth Hahn

Thank you for listening to my conversation with Ginger Elizabeth Hahn!

Ep. 91 is sponsored by Beers In Sac. “We find the beers, so you don’t have to.”

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