Episode 90: Vanessa Labi

Vanessa Labi is my guest for Episode 90! She dresses better than you or I will ever hope to dress. She created Babe-Sicle to help express her belief “that everyone’s style is unique and hopes to encourage others to make quirky alterations to ‘old’ outfits to make them new again.”

Vanessa Labi of Babe-Sicle
Vanessa Labi of Babe-Sicle

Vanessa and I chat about While You Were Sleeping; why women aren’t talking to you; a proposal to start a fashionable blog for angry people; my sister’s old job slinging makeup for “Mack”; and Lesbian Mario Brothers.

Guys, if you need fashion advice, here’s proof that I’ve been setting trends since the 80s.

Ep. 90 is sponsored by Beers In Sac. “We find the beers, so you don’t have to.”

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