Episode 74: Shaun Slaughter

Shaun Slaughter
Shaun Slaughter

Shaun Slaughter stopped by for Episode 74! Shaun has been making Sacramento dance for over a decade and cofounded Lipstick back in 2000 with Roger Carpio.

Shaun and I chat about getting drinks named after us; obsessing over Tiki culture; our favorite bars where people go to clean their surgical holes out; the guilt of purchasing Greatest Hits albums; finding music before the “internet”; and digital vs. analog.

Thanks for listening, Listeners, and for sharing, Sharers. Thank you to Shaun Slaughter for chatting with me!

Ep. 74 is sponsored by Beer in Sac app. “We find the beer, so you don’t have to!” Be sure to download the app so that you know what breweries and brew events are going on in town.

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