Episode 73: Janelle Bitker

Janelle Bitker
Janelle Bitker

Janelle Bitker stopped by for Episode 73. She is a staff writer for Sacramento News & Review.

Janelle and I chat about her early morning hours interning at Market Place; the benefits of co-op living with a lack of air-conditioning; why I accidentally drank Janelle’s Snake Juice before I ever met her; how independent papers survive; and if it would be possible to sum up our discussion in one sentence (which I may have done).

Thanks for listening, Listeners, and for sharing, Sharers. Be sure to donate to the Legal Aid Fund that Sacramento News & Review set up through GoFundMe to help with the legal fees they’ve incurred while fighting the lawsuit filed against them by Mayor Kevin Johnson.

Ep. 73 is sponsored by Beer in Sac app. “We find the beer, so you don’t have to!” Be sure to download the app so that you know what breweries and brew events are going on in town.

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