Episode 71: The Friendship Podcast

CJ & BK of The Friendship Podcast
CJ & BK of The Friendship Podcast

The Friendship Podcast crew, CJ & BK, stopped by for Episode 71! The Friendship Podcast is my favorite podcast in the entire podcast world.

CJ & BK chat about giving someone a “Skyrim“; the perfect sound effects; why “Scuba Guy” can’t enter the base through the front door; why The Muppet Babies is impossible; why you don’t invite tornados or vampires into your house; why there shouldn’t be an adjective before the word “tickle”; “Raisin Drops”, and rockin’ a good Merlot.

The Friendship Podcast returns for Season 3 on August 26 and is available on iTunes and Stitcher. They’re also tweeting Tweets tweetingly.

This episode is sponsored by Beer in Sac app. “We find the beer, so you don’t have to!” Be sure to download the appĀ and see what is going on in town!

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