Episode 69: Johnny Taylor

Johnny Taylor. Photo by Melissa Uroff
Johnny Taylor. Photo by Melissa Uroff

Johnny Taylor is my guest this week. Johnny’s a stand-up comedian who has performed with Robin Williams, Doug Stanhope, and Dave Attell. His album Tangled Up in Plaid was a Top 20 hit on iTunes.

Johnny and I chat about kids learning to cuss from comedians; “That’s the beauty of a fart”; how he avoided doing stand-up by writing for Gawker and ebaumsworld; dealing with the worst type of crowd; how the end of a relationship was good for the creative process; his penchant for naming his albums after albums; and how he crafts a joke.

Johnny Taylor and Keith Lowell Jensen recently started MASS at Momo Sacramento every first Sunday of every month. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 7. He’s such a cool guy, he’ll even let you stream Tangled Up in Plaid. Be sure to follow Johnny on Twitter.

Thank you for listening to my conversation with Johnny Taylor!

Photos by Melissa Uroff

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