Episode 68: Zayn Silmi

Zayn Silmi
Zayn Silmi

Zayn Silmi is my guest for Episode 68! He’s the founder of The People of Sacramento.

Zayn and I chat about (inside of his new business HQ that, as far as we know, never had a cocaine deal go down inside of it) his coffee business he created out of high school; the enterprising kids who sold Bubble Tape; having a voice similar to Aziz Ansari; his non-profit Good Influence; The Assholes of Sacramento; and how I frightened a child with a koala bear costume.

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This episode is sponsored by Beer in Sac app. “We find the beer, so you don’t have to!” The final Fantasy Food Truck Showdown is August 6 at Yolo Brewing Company! I’ll see you there!

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