Episode 49: Molly Doan

Molly Doan
Molly Doan

Molly Doan is my guest for Episode 49!

Molly performs onstage at Sac Comedy Spot in such shows as Lady Business, Gag Order, Barger’s World, 3-2-1 Sizzle, and the flagship show Anti-Cooperation League.

We discuss the yips and yipping, ruining nachos by way of your nose, why she doesn’t look like a “Molly”, our favorite lisps, and if we’re on “fleek” or not.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my conversation with Molly Doan. Be sure to catch one of the many shows she performs in at Sac Comedy Spot!


William "Bill" Lloret
This episode is dedicated to the memory of Bill Lloret. December 27, 1980 to March 10, 2015

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