Episode 44: Sacramento Ballet

Rex Wheeler as Peter Pan
Rex Wheeler as Peter Pan

Sacramento Ballet dancers Rex Weaver, Maggie Rupp, and Alex Cunningham stopped by for Episode 44!

The Sacramento Ballet, founded by Barbara Crockett (no relation to Sunny Crocket), is celebrating its 60th year. The Sacramento Ballet’s performers are innovating where ballet is performed with events like Beer & Ballet and the amazing performance they did with Shaun Slaughter at TBD Fest.

Rex, Maggie, and Alex clear up some common misconceptions about dancers (they eat… a lot), like having pretty disgusting feet and how they handle “Swan Lake Butt”. They did turn down my idea to  have the dancers shoot t-shirts into the audience with t-shirt guns.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my discussion with Rex, Maggie, and Alex of the Sacramento Ballet.


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