Episode 41: Susan Rabinovitz

Susan Rabinovitz stopped by for Episode 41!

Susan is a maker of unique jewelry pieces and the owner of Little Relics, a Midtown store that specializes in unique, handcrafted gifts and art. On top of running a business and raising a family with her husband, she somehow found time to found the Sacramento Artists Council. S.A.C. strives to keep art and music programs in public schools and generating scholarships for high school seniors.

Susan Rabinovitz stops by to talk about her history with selling jewelry to Nordstrom’s before opening her own place,  waiting to hit pay dirt with Mr. T, toughing out living in midtown before it became Midtown, why she thinks the new arena won’t changes things too dramatically in Midtown, and keeping it real with Steven Hansen.

Oh! Dogs are always welcome inside of Little Relics.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my conversation with Susan Rabinovitz!


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