Episode 37: John Cleveland

My guest for Episode 37 is John Cleveland, founder of Sacramento Megagames.

What the fuck is a “Megagame”? It’s a combination of politics, warfare, and resources management in a predetermined setting (like Feudal Japan or an alien invasion). The games usually take about 6 hours and involves a large group of nerds people and has lots of wheeling and dealing in getting your group to win with any number of strategies.

John stopped by to chat about the first ever West Coast Megagame (and it’s taking place in Sacramento!), getting a real army of LARPers to back up the game, and Johnny’s hope for an Megagame adventure “in a galaxy far, far away.”

The inaugural Megagame on the West Coast take place on January 3rd, 2015 at the Fair Oaks Community Clubhouse, located at 7997 California Ave, Fair Oaks, California 95628.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my conversation with John Cleveland!


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