Episode 32: Andy Paul

My guest is Andy Paul, owner of Andy’s Candy Apothecary and winner of the inaugural Downtown Sacramento Partnership‘s “Calling All Dreamers” in 2013. Andy moved to Sacramento in 2001 and was working in the non-profit sector prior to entering the “Calling All Dreamers” competition but siren song of candy was too much to resist.

Andy Paul and I discuss (between the bites of candies that Andy was kind enough to let me sample) local chocolatiers like Puur, his dental health from running a candy shop after a year, and which candies men and women prefer.

Don’t forget that with the holiday season upon us and Sacramento has tons of amazing locally-owned stores in the Downtown and Midtown areas to find unique and awesome gifts for your family and friends. I’ll be profiling some of the business owners and their shops during the month of December.


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