Episode 24: Jay Siren

Jay Siren is my guest for Episode 14. She is the founder and director of the burlesque troop Sizzling Sirens, providing Sacramento with “good, clean, dirty fun”. Jay started performing burlesque several years ago and started the Sizzling Sirens shortly there after. She also created “asseling”. To find out what “asseling”  is, go see The Siren Show at Assembly. It takes place every third Saturday.

The Sizzling Sirens also perform a mashed up burlesque-comedy routine, “3… 2… 1… Sizzle“, with the improv comics at Sac Comedy Spot every fourth Friday. I finally went to this show and it is f’ing hilarious.

Thanks for stopping by and listen to my conversation with Jay Siren!


Jay Siren’s photo was taken by Melissa Uroff.

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