Episode 22: Live at Crocker-Con

I’ve got a special edition of the Serious Talk. Serisouly. for you today. I was invited to record live at Crocker Art Museum‘s 2nd Annual Crocker-Con and happily did so. This episode was recorded outside so the audio quality isn’t as sharp as it is when I record at my home studio (my living room).

I decided I would try to interview the different types of people in attendance at the Crocker-Con (fans, artists, cosplayers…). Because of the awesome folks attending the event, I quickly and easily found what I was looking for.

Here is the list of guests for Episode 22.

1. Andrew Whatley of Sacramento Ghostbusters, a non-profit charity group who will show up to charitable and community events to help draw community attention. The also have the awesome Ecto Truck that you’ve probably seen around town.

2. Caitlin Flynn, cosplay extraordinaire who studied theater costume design and won the Crocker-Con costume contest.

3. Stephanie Rector, founder of Sac Geeks, the go-to website for the geeks of Sacramento to see what is going on around town.

4. Michael Finn, letterer for the B-Squad comic book, which recently hit its Kickstarter goal.  He’s been lettering the comic book since its beginning.

5. Matthew Miranda, founder of California Conventions Blog. Matthew and the staff of California Conventions Blog tour California’s many comic book conventions.

6. Jeremy Clark of TBP Studios. TBP Studios produces and hosts several podcasts and youtube shows. An Idiots Array, hosted by Jeremy Clark, dives into the madness of comic conventions. Go check them out!

7. Sleeprockers. Man, I had so much fun chatting with these guys. They played at Crocker-Con and closed out the evening chatting with me.

And if you stick around after the episode officially ends, I sit down with two kids who wanted to be on the radio but settled for “the Internet”.  The audio isn’t that great but I promised the two girls that they would get to be on “the Internet”.

I have to apologize to illustrator Jon Williams and and John & Cindy for not being able to post their interviews, the audio quality was too poor.

A big thank you to Crocker Art Museum and Eben Bergoon for inviting me out to Crocker-Con!

Thanks for stopping by!


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