Episode 17: Jonathan Morken

My guest for Episode 17 is Jonathan Morken. To look at him, you’d never guess that this is a guy who loves some Horror Punk. He’s been making and distributing films through his company Apprehensive Films (it even has its own Wikipedia page).

Jonathan started Midnight Jamboree Records last year and has such bands as The Panic Beats, Rebel Flesh, and The Secretions. He’s planning on combining Apprehensive Films and Midnight Jamboree Records to “supply horror films with true Horror Music!”

On a side note, I’ll be recording LIVE at the Crocker-Con this Thursday, Sept. 11. I’ll be recording some of the folks behind Sac Geeks, Sacramento Ghostbusters , and a surprise guest. I’ll also record some of the random folks attending the event. Be sure to stop by and say hello.

Thanks for listening!



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