Episode 8: Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel

¡Ahora estoy de vuelta desde la Ciudad de México! ¡Fue increíble!Creo que debería dejar de hablar español, que yo no podía hablar antes de ir a México y regresar a mi lengua materna: Inglés.

The Official Girlfriend of the Podcast and I are back from Ciudad de México and all we got you was Episode 8. You never see those shirts anymore, the shirts that say, “My grandma went to *blank* and I’ll got was this t-shirt.” I guess that joke finally got played out after six decades.

My guests for Episode 8 are artists Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel, of LC Mural and Design, who have been creating some of the most exciting, beautiful, amazing, and insane murals around Sacramento and the rest of the United States.

Sofia and Hennessy are about to tackle Bright Underbelly, which will be a public mural that is going to transfer the 70,000 square foot space that the Sunday Farmers’ Market occupies from a cold, grey, drab area into warm, colorful reminder of Sacramento’s identity as the capital of the Farm-to-Fork movement.

I just realized this was the first time I had more than one person sitting down at the same time for an interview.

-Johnny Flores

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