Episode 4: Melissa Uroff

Melissa Uroff is my guest for Episode 4.

Melissa Uroff is one busy person. She’s the creator, editor, and driving force behind Tube Magazine (She strongly recommends that you don’t go to Tube.com, especially if you’re at work) and when she’s not doing that, she’s out shooting photographs all over Northern California. Her portfolio covers bands like Flaming Lips, Beirut, and Blonde Redhead to more private photos of weddings and personal artistic pieces.

So… the sound problem will end with this episode. I set up all of the recording equipment, made sure everything was ready for when Melissa showed up at the studio (my living room), and, much like Wyatt and Gary in Weird Science, “…forgot one small detail.” I forgot to hook everything up to the computer! Luckily, my computer’s mic picked everything. The sound isn’t as good as it should be but it’s not horrible.

I swear I will get the hang of this.


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