Episode 3: Eben Burgoon

Eben Burgoon, writer and creator of Eben07.com (co-creator) and B-Squad stopped by for Episode 3! B-Squad takes the novel approach of randomly killing a major character on the team in each issue. The characters are killed off by their assigned number on a die. The fate of each character is completely up to chance. We delve into how this way of determining a character’s fate pisses off his fan base or if they embrace it.

Eben is also a member of 916 Ink, a non-profit that “empowers students in the Sacramento region with creative writing, thereby developing strong readers and inspired writers who lead a higher quality of life due to increased literacy skills and improved academics.”

Eben Burgoon is a whip-smart guy. Go pick up his comic books.

-Johnny Flores

P.S. The first 12 minutes, or there about, sound different than the rest of the podcast. I don’t know what I did wrong but I promise things are getting better. I solemnly swear!

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